Kick the Fear Out of Your Finances™

12-Month Financial Coaching Program for Women
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Attention ambitious Women Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs!
Are you so busy and consumed with your businesses, families, and children that you’re worried you haven’t saved enough money or aren’t investing properly? If you’re overwhelmed by money and the thought of gathering and sharing all your sensitive personal information with a total stranger to manage your financial success gives you agita, then I have a program that may interest you!

“Are you feeling ashamed, frustrated or even angry over your current financial situation? Are you making money but not keeping any of it? Do you find yourself upside down with credit card debt with no clear plan as to how you can create the ultimate lifestyle you’ve dreamt of?”

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then let’s Kick the Fear out of Your Finances™ and get you on the right path to financial success.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own personal financial coach and process directing you to the exact location of your financial dream life?

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You will discover:

Why your own psychology around money is holding you back

  • How to retrain your subconscious mind to inherently make better money choices
  • How to make REAL change that produces New and Better financial results
  • Discover what beliefs you hold around money and wealth
  • Transform subconscious negative beliefs you’ve been holding around money since you were a child
  • Discover and develop your value system so your money choices are in alignment

Learn how to gain financial clarity

  • Systematically Feng Shui your finances
  • Find out what you REALLY do with all your money
  • Know if you are you living rich or just expensively
  • Design your financial plan with a purpose

Develop your Plan of Action to eliminate the shame, fear, anger and anxiety you’ve been carrying around for years.

  • Identify potential challenges or obstacles and solutions to overcome them before they happen

Learn the Financial Pitfalls to Avoid

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Do these reasons sound familiar?

Has the sheer fear of seeking out a professional financial advisor stopped you dead in your tracks? Have you had an advisor who has just left you without notice only to get a letter telling you the name of your new advisor? Or do you check-out at the idea of listening to ‘complicated’ financial concepts feeling as though you’ll never understand?

The Kick the Fear Out of Your Finances™ financial coaching program was developed to empower you with the expertise and tools necessary to make wise financial choices.

Still not sure? Let's talk.

Ask yourself a few questions right now…

Where were you last year financially?  Are you in the same place as before?  Maybe you are even worse off than you were last year.  Don’t you think it is time to change the financial flow and energy?  If not now, then when?  Enough is enough.  If you haven’t been in your desired financial situation for some time now, then let’s get off the financial hamster wheel.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  You want different results?  This requires different behavior, different ACTION!

The Kick the Fear Out of Your Finances™ financial coaching program not only gives you the necessary education to empower you, but also a step-by-step experiential learning program with a dedicated financial advisor so you build on your knowledge.

  • You will walk through actual, real life exercises that are applicable to your individual circumstances.
  • You will work with me, every step of the way, to identify and handle any issues that arise around your money choices.
  • You will organize your finances in such a way that financial questions and documentation is a breeze to handle.
  • You will have a financial GPS created for you by an expert in the Field with over 25 years of experience, your Financial Coach and Mentor Jamie L. Fleming.
  • We will work together to ensure your success in the program by developing and implementing your personalized financial action plan.

Kick the Fear Out of Your Finances™ is a virtual financial coaching program for women who are ready to get started making meaningful change in their financial life but aren’t sure they’re ready for a financial advisor just yet.

The program allows you to acquire the necessary education, peer support, and one-on-one mentoring with me, Jamie Fleming, for an entire year. At the end of your program, you will have transformed your reality with money.

Still have questions about how to turn income into high income? I’m here. Schedule a 30-minute Consultation today.

What is included in Kick the Fear Out of Your Finances™ financial coaching program?


A Complete Online Learning Experience to Achieve the 5 Principles of Prosperity

  • Module 1: The Psychology of Money
  • Module 2: Process before Prosperity
  • Module 3: The Plan
  • Module 4: Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Module 5: The Procrastination Penalty
  • Plus a 70+ page Workbook to Supplement the Video Course

Value $797


3 Bonus Videos

Value $97


4 Quarterly Q and A Sessions Facilitated by Jamie L Fleming, CFP®

Value $1,500


6 – 45 minute One on One Mentoring Sessions with Jamie L Fleming, CFP®

Value $2,000


1 Customized, Comprehensive Financial Plan with Action Steps

Value $7,000

TOTAL VALUE: Over $10,000!

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Are your ready to take control of your finances?

Get a solid financial foundation and the support and guidance you deserve.
Still have questions about how to turn income into high income? I’m here. Schedule a 30-minute Consultation today.

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